Monday, January 28, 2008

Changes Are Coming For Equipment

First, I recommend that you read John Duggan's interview with Peter Dawson, the secretary of the R&A. Find it at Golf Observer or go to GolfDash and find it under the January 31 Daily Headline. I've never heard Peter Dawson speak nor have I read his comments before, but he strikes me as extremely down to earth, fair minded and generally lucid.

Towards the end of the interview, you'll find very interesting information on grooves, distance and side spin. Read his remarks carefully because more than likely this man is going to have a lot to say about what kind of clubs will be allowed in your bag in the future. Mr. Dawson did not directly give away his hand, but it's not hard to imagine that changes are afoot if you read between the lines. He's got some really interesting facts to back up his conclusions. These alone make the article worthwhile reading.

Bottom line, the USGA and the R&A are finding out that it's too easy to get out of the rough and to make balls spin when your club has the new U grooves. I'd bet a sizable sum that these will be outlawed soon. How about 70 degree wedges? The problem seems to be that they make it easy to swing hard in the rough when you only want to hit the ball a short way, greatly eliminating the skills of finesse and feel. I'm not sure I'd put one of those pancakes in my bag if I was planning on keeping in line with future club conformance rules.

Here's a very interesting fact from Mr. Dawson, 'there is no longer a correlation between driving accuracy and scoring' for the pros. I can sympathize with him wholeheartedly that this is an alarming development. The good news for driver makers is that they have seen no further distance gains in the last five years. HOWEVER, the new clubs are so good at reducing side spin that the balls don't stray off course nearly so easily. Mr. Dawson says the officials intent will not be to punish shots in the rough, but to reward those in the fairway. Given the fact that millions of drivers have been sold in the last five years, I don't see them outlawing what we already have in our bags. On the other hand, he seems very intent on getting driving accuracy and scoring to correlate once again.

Any moves the R&A and the USGA can make to save more of the original nature of the game would be greatly appreciated by this writer - as long as it doesn't cost me money to be in compliance. One last thought, I wonder if they'll ever consider outlawing the long shafted putters? I'm not sure if I really despise them or that I'm just afraid of what my friends would call me if I started using one.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AceMagnetics.Com Announces New Patent

"RallyBand" design Floats Magnets in Silicone.

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2007 -- ®, an internet company providing magnetic bracelets and magnetic jewelry for sports and health enthusiasts has patented RallyBands. The company is the sole distributor of this new product. The new design actually "floats" magnets in silicone.

"We are delighted about the advantages of our unique RallyBand® wristband," says Jay Varon, President of®. "The Rallyband has no clasp so it slips on and off more easily, it is more flexible than traditional metal wristbands, the silicone is completely waterproof so there is no rust or wrist marks and the silicone lets us embed and protect even more magnets.

The RallyBand® is the lightest weight most powerful magnetic wristband on the market and is virtually indestructible. Last but not least we can make them in different colors so they are stylish!" utilizes neodymium magnets in its entire product line. Neodymium magnets will retain 90% of their magnetic force for a hundred years. products are used by a wide range of professional golfers and other athletes.

About, Inc. Inc., headquartered in Encinitas, CA, offers more than 200 magnetic bracelets, copper bracelets, titanium magnetic bracelets, magnetic rings, magnetic necklaces, magnetic wraps, magnetic mattress pads and other magnetic products.

For more information:

Loren Norquist, Public Information Officer
V: 1.800.599.9098
F: 760.479.0202