Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Family Golf

I was recently at the US Kids Golf website investigating some clubs for my nephew when I noticed the "Family Courses" tab in their main navigation. There they provide you with a list of golf courses that meet or exceed "our family course criteria" - it seems these "designated" courses have (or have added) 2 additional sets of tees. Green tees - 2200 yards and Yellow tees - 3750 yards - the obvious logic being *most" forward tees (usually white) are to long at 5000 yards for kids and beginner adults.

Personally, *I like* the idea of promoting family golf but in all my years of playing golf I am having a hard time remembering ever seing a family play golf together. Certainly a father and son or less frequently a mom and daughter - but a family!? and now family-friendly courses?

Curious if other have seen families play recently.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

L2 Putter - time for a change?

I played in a team tournament last weekend that consisted of five 9-hole matches. One of our competitors, who is now in his 70's, was putting in way I had never seen. He stood tall, faced the hole and held a belly putter to the side. In this manor he used the putter like a pendulum, stabilized by his left hand which he held across his chest and gripping the top of the putter around his right armpit. He was able to putt this way while looking directly at his target. And he putted very well.

I asked him about his style and how he came by it. He said he picked it up from the best amateur golfer he had ever seen. Keep in mind that this gentleman was the state amateur champ a few times himself. We played at a course that is particularly noted for its very fast and difficult greens. Needless to say he putted much better than I did, but that's not saying much.

Today, while I was looking for interesting products to showcase on GolfDash, I came across the 'L2 Lateral Line putter'. This is a putter that was built specially to putt in the same way as the gentleman I played against. There's interesting video on the website (www.toolite.com/golf)showing how it works, and why it may be a better way to put. It's very compelling. Now I'm one who never liked the long putters. I thought the R&A and USGA should have outlawed them. But as long as they are legal, I sure would like to give the L2 a try. It certainly seems a more natural way to putt. As the video on the L2 site says, if you told any Tour pro that you'd pay them $20,000 if they could roll a putt into a hole 20 feet away (no putter mind you), how would they attempt it? Exactly, everyone would face the hole. No one would stand sideways.

If anyone has tried this thing, I'd love to hear their impressions.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

GolfDash Survey

First, please forgive us for a few weeks absence. We have been extremely busy with our next phase of GolfDash development work which is consuming most of our time.

We truly value all the valuable comments our members have given us in the past. It is how we can continue to provide great golf information and build the web tools that our members (and non-members) believe most important.

To that end, we ask if you might take a minute out of your schedule (it really takes that long, unless, of course, you have plenty to say - which is fine too) to fill out our brief GolfDash Survey.

As a bonus we are offering a GolfRound Towel ($7.95 value) FREE to those who fill out our brief survey. The towel has been called, "One of the most innovative golf products to hit the market in years!" We do have a limited supply (about 50) so please hurry. Once they're gone they're gone.

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