Monday, October 16, 2006

Correct Sight - How to Hit Dead-Solid Shots!

One of the big issues in golf is movement, especially when your movement is vertical movement, such as "dipping" which changes your spine angle during the swing causing all sorts of nasty things to happen

In light of this issue we wanted to introduce the Correct Sight golf training aid (the first release from the noted company, Correct Set-Up Golf) . It is simple, effective and most importantly affordable. By correcting excessive body/head movement and increasing focus on the golf ball during swinging, putting and chipping, the Correct Sight can really make a marked improvement in your golf game.

Many people might think it looks funny when you attach this gizmo to your cap or visor but don't be fooled - it is most often the simplest golf aids that work best.

Some of the benefits you might expect from this PGA Tour Partners "Member Tested" seal of approval product are:

• flush, dead-solid golf ball striking
• consistent chipping and distance control
• less "fat" and "thinned" golf shots
• a "quiet" and repeatable putting stroke
• extremely lightweight, portable and easily fits in any normal golf bag pocket

This may seem like a tall tale for such a simple device but we ask you to put it to the test and see for yourself how a little practice with this exceptional golf aid will be well worth the effort when you begin to hit dead-solid shots, gaining power, distance and accuracy.

Personally, after an exceptionally lousy round, I grabbed the Correct Sight and headed out to my local "more dirt than grass" driving range. I am not that bad of a player carrying an 13 handicap but kept hitting the ball "fat" and taking huge divots - driving me nuts! After cooling down I thought intuitively that keeping more "still" might help. And, of course, with the focus and help from the Correct Sight I was back to hitting the ball decently flush (for me anyway!) I have not had the chance to card another round but will report back when I do.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to Correct Set-Up Golf (listed below) to order online or by calling 800 972-0065


Anonymous said...

What stores carry these training aids? Dicks?


Ziomal said...

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