Friday, August 08, 2008

Eyeline Golf's Metronome Pro Review

I hope the kind people at Eyeline Golf forgive me for being late with my review of their new Metronome Pro tempo trainer. We are in the midst of redesigning the GolfDash website and I've been up to my neck in it.

I did get the product out of the box and it does exactly what it says. You set the overall tempo by adjusting the 'beats per minute' setting. This way you get a faster or slower pace. Then select how many beats you want to count out, such as 2 in 4 or 6 in 8. You can select any tempo from 0/4 to 8/8. Hopefully this doesn't sound complicated because it's not. Once you've set it up just clip it to your hat visor or shirt and it chirps the beat in your ear. You can also plug in headphones so nobody else has to listen to you. In total it took me about 3 minutes of reading the directions, scratching my head and hitting buttons to understand how easy it really is. The Eyeline Golf site has a simple VIDEO to explain the whole thing.

So much for the easy part. The real question for me is 'can tempo training make a big difference in your game'? That's just what I'm going to attempt to answer in my next piece on this product. It comes at a good time for me as I'm understanding that controlling tempo may be the most important part of my game. I can feel myself make a jerky and/or quick swing when I'm under pressure - usually with poor results. Next, I'm going to take the Metronome Pro out on the range, where I go at least 3 times a week, and see if I can use it to manage my swing tempo. I hope to have something for you in about a week.


Anonymous said...

What was your results from the driving range? I find myself getting fast on the 18th hole when I am trying to beat my friends on Sat. mornings. Did it work for you?

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