Friday, August 08, 2008

Get A Hybrid For A Better Game - Fast!

Don't just get one hybrid, go buy yourself a bunch. The sooner you do this the better your scoring will be. I've written about this before. I've got one in my bag and it's been great. But now I've seen the light that I only suspected was there before - these things make you better and it's not just for your 2 iron. Go ahead and replace the 3 and 4. Once you do that you'll probably go even higher.

So what's the holdup on loading up our bags with these new clubs? A little bit of pride and the old adage that habits die hard. If you're a student of golf history you probably know that Gene Sarazen designed and created the modern day sand wedge in the early 1930's. People didn't immediately take notice, until he started winning all over the place.

This is where we're at with hybrids. There are still some people who think they are whimpy - real golfers still hit 3 irons. Maybe not 2 irons, but definitely 3 irons. I confess that I was still in that camp until Tuesday. What happened to open my eyes? I played with a friend who I can beat 9 out of 10 times and we tied, that's what. This is a guy who couldn't hit anything between his 5 wood and his 7 iron. He's also a big slicer. Now he's got a bag full of hybrids and he's a new golfer. Not only can he reach greens from 150 yards and out, his confidence has gone up. This, in turn, has made him a better chipper. I guess you start getting confident over more clubs in your bag and it is catching.

He still hits a wicked slice off the tee which kills his distance. But now he's actually dangerous from the fairway. Out comes the hybrid and, voila, he's pin high. He used to think bogey was a good score, not anymore!

I've had the 3 iron out of the bag for awhile and haven't replaced it with anything - big hole. And if I'm honest with myself the 4 iron just doesn't go like it used to. Sometimes I catch it, but I can't depend on it. I have a hybrid to replace my 2 iron. Now it's time to pony up for two more to replace the 3 and 4. Who knows, the 5 may go the way of the dinosaur before this is over. Go ahead and laugh you diehards. That is until you see who's buying at the 19th hole.

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Unknown said...

Last year I purchased a set of Adams Idea Tech OS graduated hybrid irons. At first, I stayed away from the 3 and 4 hybrid instead opting for a choked down 5 wood. While here in Angel Fire, I learned how to hit both and can't wait to share the results with my 'peeps' at 'The Ranch'. As a matter of fact, my 3 hybrid has become my tee shot choice for those non-reachable par 5's when I need to hit the fairway. Hole #2 (par 4) and #3 (par 5) both have 25 yard wide fairways with tree trouble on both sides. There's nothing like being able to hit a 220 yard shot with 3 iron that has a gentle 5 yard draw.